Pills for Depression

Stress Relief Pills (Brand name)

Many people feel depressed in day to day life; depression has become a part of our lives. Basically what we think is depression in our daily lives. It is actually not the depression, but it is the stress. But there are some cases in which the stress with the passage of time builds into the depression state and then the people need to take help. Otherwise the situation goes out of hands and leads of an unhealthy, unhappy life and also some time causes to death in the form of suicides. There are many people we come across who don’t take help from the doctors because they don’t even consider that depression needs some medical help. It is quite clear here that when a person does not take help from the doctor and not to forget he is in depression and feels pain, what depression makes him do is suicide to get relief from all his worries and pain. Only a depressed person knows what he’s going through. Nobody else can claim that they can understand what a depressed person going through. A depressed person think that the life ends for him right here and he should not live anymore and as a result of this he commits suicide.

When you observe even the symptoms of the depression in yourself then always remember that there are drugs available for you to help in controlling it but they should be taken regularly. If these drugs are taken regularly without any break in its continuity than you will not stay depressed for a long period of time. Some people avoid taking the relief pills of stress only because they think that these pills have side effects and they make them weak and different from the society. But one needs to understand this that these pills do not make you different from anyone; they just make you life a simple, normal and happy life. If this concept becomes clear among the people than all the depressed people who need help will come to their doctors to seek help and take pills for relief without any hesitation. Many pills are available that affects the brain and the chemical release of serotonin are regulated in a better way. Due to this reason the depressed person is now out of depression and feels much better by taking help.


Most of the people who have been indulged into depression must have heard about the Prozac which is a drug. But maybe only a few understands its working and what does it really works for and how? So for the start you should now that it is a stress relief pill that helps you control your depression. The point here to remember is that it deals with only that depression that comes in your daily walk of life. It’s a generic that is equal to Fluoxetine. Both of them have the same results and the only difference is that Fluoxetine is a generic and its costs less than the Prozac which is a brand pill.


One of the stress relief brand pill is Wellbutrin, which is also used to cure depression. Nor epinephrine and Dopamine are the two chemicals in the brain which are affected by this drug to help depression. These pills are available in 200 mg, as well as also in 150mg. This drug should only be used by the doctor’s prescription. Like all the depression drugs do not use it without a doctor’s prescription. If you feel that the medicines has adverse affects on you then stops using it and consult your doctor.


Another type of depression pills are Zoloft. It is the most powerful drug among the above. These drugs are for the people who are suffering from the extreme depression conditions. The extreme depression is such a low mood depression in which a person always feels depressed. And such people who are a part of this state are the ones who can think and commit suicide at this stage. This specific drug can help a person to take control of his feelings and feel much better and normal.

Side effects of Zoloft

Zoloft has many side effects that the users of it should know before they use and if they don’t know yet, it’s not too late, they can know now. The most serious side effect of the Zoloft is suicide and it is very common among the depressed ones. Many depressed people try to kill themselves every year and out of them 1.1 million people are the Americans who actually commit suicide attempt each year. The most amazing fact is that out of the 14 Americans, 1 of them knows someone who has committed suicide because of the depression and they also died. You all must know that the women have this germ of killing themselves four times more than the men so for all those women who use Zoloft have more chances to commit suicide. The side effects which are at the top are that the person goes through nausea and almost 30% users of this drug face this side effect every now and then. Also after the nausea 28% users of this drug face insomnia. There are many other side effects of Zoloft which includes the dizziness, diarrhea, dryness of the mouth, indigestion, fatigue, drowsiness and tremors. There appear sexual side effects as well that are the problems of ejaculation and also the libido loss. Some other commonly seen side effects of Zoloft are that the patients has been observed with burnings, headaches, sweating, weight loss, in some cases weight gain, migraines, tingling, constipation, nervousness and also jot flashes. The side effects which have been observed in the young ones and children are that it causes aggressiveness, fever, bloody noses, hyperactivity and also the red and purple discoloration skin. The users of this drug might come across with the thought of suicide and may also commit suicide attempt and several mood swings and anxiety is common.

Now for those who wishes to leave Zoloft or any other anti depressant, you should know that it is not easy and you have to go through a lot after you withdraw it, there are also great chances of suicide in it. Also once you leave it you may suffer from more extreme levels of depression. You should not leave this drug at once, what you should do is that adjust the dose of this drug accordingly rather than leaving it all of a sudden. It will harm you. Reduce the amounts of it slowly, like each week or twice a week and don’t forget the warning signs of suicide.